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34 funny pictures and memes to make your day🥰🥰.



Is it by force to draw tattoo 🤣

Hello Bond😁

Mum is sleeping at last,time to escape.

Olodo primary school,education for the best😁

This pigeon is Oshiodi brought up. Computer village trained.

My sister I hear you,this Aba people have finished me. Is anyone watching us?

Mr Meneja welldone 🙃

Holy Ghost fireee!!!🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

Make I pose small,dem go leave me.

No money for van,my Okada is more than enough.

Will you marry me😍

I Barr Okokomaiko perenawa Torumbawa khanda want to bail you.

I love my six packs,I am hotter than your boyfriend.

This money is for you all,thank you for supporting me😁

i am not your mate, I knew when you were born,children of nowadays 😠 Call me Bryan do you hear.

You exposed me to such,why the shock😐🙄

It is better I just comment.

We love it like that😡mind your business 😒

eeeerrrm I am sorry sir, it is my hair.

This is your son honey …he looks like my father’s uncle sister’s cousin.

my taste is a rich,tall,handsome,huge,God fearing,faithfull guy. I don’t date broke guys

Danger zone💀🦴👀

My swag is better than yours 🕴️


Olodo 🤣

Which Nigerian school did this happen?

Mummy will not remain meat for me again😖We are already sharing one chiar😡

I am capable trust me🤚

Samson Oladunni your problem is not of this earth👀😂

I love you, will you be my valentine🤗🥺

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