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A woman get F***k by 14 Dogs with 1 million each and later regret (Video)


A Nigerian girl booked for hook up(prostitute) not knowing she was booked for a dog until she reached the place, As she’s trying to get to what she’s there for and the guy told her You’re here for my Dog, As the girl reveals to her friend on Instagram

I come they romance and yunno make
we start work, he say no no be him say
nah him dog I first look am say
Shey na ment or malaria maybe the
dog take viagra I no know before
know the guy say he go pay 1 million
Whura money wey I never see for my
Life come say okay but I Dey fear
last last the dog fuck me 2 times

And also said this last word regretting doing that


He come introduce me to his friends
fuck 13 dogs for January sha,nah then
change my apartment come buy that
my Lexus early March I stitch my pussy
it keeps tearinglater it started
smelling ang guy wey carry me like this
go they complain Whuraola I sell my
car last month the thing no stop
call all this guys them they swear for
me,now m in my village traditionalist
say no remedy say nah so I go they
smell, from one disease to another life
don tire me I drink poison I no die all
the money wey I make I spend an on
top sickness,if Godcan save
I promise to be a better person o

Watch the video Below :


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