Home Entertainment lady opens up: Why she had hot sex with Oxlade

lady opens up: Why she had hot sex with Oxlade

lady opens up: Why she had hot sex with Oxlade

Oxlade sextape has continued to set the internet on fire, the lady who had the steaming sex sessions with him seems to be unrepentant and has opened up on why she had hot sex with him.

She also said she might ask for another round of sex from the Ojuju crooner.


The lady, identified as Rachyyveer, who describes herself as Ivory Coast First Lady, model, actress, dancer, make-up artiste and brand influencer stated on Twitter that she had always wanted to experience “what intercourse with Oxlade would feel like.”

Reacting to numerous trolls on her Twitter handle, the lady unabashedly said: “Oxlade is my boyfriend and we had sex, is that a crime?”

She also said she “might as well request for another round 🍆” The lady, easily identified with nose rings, also asked her trollers to mind their business, saying that she asked for it and got it, with an emoji showing an eggplant face savouring food.

“Yeah I craved for it and I got it. Mind your own business.” Rachyyveer also shared a slide video on Tik Tok which has her pictures, as well as that of Oxlade.

The salacious video broke the internet yesterday when it was released on Snapchat and soon spread to Twitter. The visual showing the Ojuju crooner having hot sex with the lady has continued to elicit reactions.

Oxlade allegedly made a Snapchat streak and provided it to a friend to show he was a stud and the friend then recorded the sequence on his phone and posted it online. As seen from the video, Oxlade used his saliva as a lubricant to help him pound the lady well,

Still, the video has divided the internet. While many praise it as a bomb and commending Oxlade’s sexual prowess, others (especially Tiwa Savage’s fans) are not comfortable with that.

According to them Oxlade is supposed to be bashed the same way Savage was served breakfast when her sex video was leaked last October.

And it has also given feminists cause to raise their voices against the marginalization and gender profiling of women in a patriarchal society like Nigeria.

However, the video has an uncanny link with Savage’s in many respects. Not only has it broken the internet, the same way Somebody Son’s crooner did, the partners involved with the artistes in the two videos have something to do with other West African countries.

While the guy who had sex with Savage in that video is a Nigerian based in Ghana identified as Abolo Beckham, the lady involved in the steamy session with Oxlade is from Cote d’Ívoire.



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