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Lagos bizwoman (Laritt) attacks Mercy Aigbe



Lagos bizwoman (Laritt) attacks Mercy Aigbe
Lagos bizwoman (Laritt) attacks Mercy Aigbe

Lagos bizwoman, Omolara Olukotun, aka Laritt, on Friday, hurled curses at Nollywood actress Mercy Aigbe and her supporters.

On Sunday, the actress was involved in a physical altercation with Laritt at a shop-opening party in Lagos.

According to reports, the beef started after Mercy got married to film producer, Alhaji Kazeem Adeoti, as his second wife.

In a new development, Laritt wrote; “Alfa Mutairu, I don’t need any favour soap to bath and wash my head against all the nonsense, shameless, evil supporter words are spitting out from their useless mouth anywhere and all over the four corners of the world.

“It will surely manifest in their destiny to their fourth generation because even God doesn’t support evil doing and oppression.

“I stand publicly on my truth, I apologise for my reaction to the public and not to whom I was involved with. I remain firm and strong in my stand against oppression, pepper-dem gang, and show-off shame against anyone you are hurting.

“Who among you can accept it peacefully? Awon Alabosi (hypocrites), useless social media nuisance. The same people that always complain that actresses are breaking homes in society.”

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