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Poco Lee, Khaid, Tempoe among emerging artistes for 2023: Spotify (Details)



Poco Lee, Khaid, Tempoe among emerging artistes for 2023: Spotify (Details)

Spotify, an online streaming platform has announced Poco Lee, Khaid, Tempoe, and others as emerging artistes music lovers could look out for in 2023.

According to Spotify data, some other emerging artistes across the African continent were: Bayanni, Brume, YKB, and Kaestyle.

The Ghanaian emerging artistes were: Reggie, Snypa, Mellissa, Beeztrap, Kotm, and Samsney.

Emerging artistes from Tanzania, Kenya, and Uganda are: Wanavokali, Kinoti, Misee, Billions, Njeri, Anjella, Killy, Phina, V-BE, Liam Voice, and Axon.

From South Africa, Spotify named Pabi Cooper, Boontle RSA, Uncle Waffles, Nkosazana Daughter, Young Stunna, Jay Jody, Blue Tape, Khanyisa, Lwah Ndlunkulu, Will Linley, Droomsindroom and Officixl.

Speaking on the data, Phiona Okumu, Head of Music, Spotifyโ€™s Sub-Saharan Africa said โ€œFew things are quite as exciting as discovering new talent to listen to on repeat, fans can add to their favourite playlists and lean on for emotional support over the course of the year.

โ€œFor fans of African music on Spotify, 2023 promises another roll-call of amazing artistes, ready to break through to fame and mainstream streaming success.โ€

Okumu noted that African music had consistently unfurled waves of new, fresh talent every year who have propelled the global interest in Afrobeats, Amapiano, and its many other sub-genres.

She said 2022 was a breakout year for artistes like Buju, Costa Titch, and Asake, whose success propelled them into Wrapped top lists at the end of 2022.

โ€œAnd while those talents took their voices to the main stage, a slew of rising stars was also laying the groundwork for their own breakout year.

โ€œSome of these musicians are primed to release their best music in the coming months, others have enjoyed early success on Spotify, and shown many indications of even greater success on the horizon.

โ€œSome others are relatively new elements, developing new takes on familiar sounds that harken towards major shifts in popular music,โ€ she said.

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