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Teni – Why I dreamt being a billionaire




Nigerian singer Teniola Apata, known as Teni, has said she dreamt of becoming a billionaire one day so that she would impact on the lives of people.

Teni, in an Instagram live interview recently with a financial firm, said “I want to be a billionaire for real.”

The billionaire singer said she was not joking when she sang that song as she loved life and wanted to enjoy it to the fullest.

According to her, she loved taking care of his people, especially her family, as well as give a helping hand to people.

“Honestly if you love to help you have to have some kind of money,” she said, adding that when she becomes a billionaire, she would give scholarships to people because she went to school with some international students and knew that sometimes they could not pay their school fees.

“That’s another area I will focus on, another is housing, they shouldn’t be homeless people, give people free houses and then expose them to helping them harnessing their skills,” she said.

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