What’s Was the Most Annoying Name Your Boyfriend Or Girlfriend Has Ever Saved Your Number With?

Women are evil.. You need to check how your babe saved you number on her phone Now!

How a lady I love back then saved my number on her phone is still paining me till today 😡

guys i don dey date since secondary school

When I saw it ehn, I was not really cool with how she saved my number so I informed my friend Lukman back then in the secondary school.

My friend angrily told me told me to be happy, that his own babe (now Ex) saved saved his number as Lukman broke ass. He said he ended the relationship right there on that spot and my friend told her that if your father is not broke he wont be dating her and be asking and begging for 50 naira recharge card.

Women are evil, I repeat it again. Why on earth would you saved your Boyfriend’s name as Lukman broke ass  na 😂

well! let push it to you all

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  1. Them saved mine as a female name she later begged me that she no want her mama to knows about it😤

  2. Smile… 😊 All dis thing are small things can you guys imagine 🤔 them saved my number with “2 minutes” 😥

  3. Indeed women are evil!
    Can you imagine a girl I love with the whole of my heart saved my number with ‘Femi suya boy’😔

  4. LMAO😂😂😂 I’ve never had that such experience it seems I’ll stay here for a while and laugh 😂😂

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