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“If Apapa disobeys LP and NLC rules, he’s on his own. He can’t force himself on us” – NLC President



Joe Ajaero, the President of the Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC) talked with the media about the Labour party and other things relating to the economy of Nigeria. While talking with the media, he was asked who he sees Lamidi Apapa as in the Labour party. Continue Reading>>>>

Joe Ajaero said that Julius Abure is the only National Chairman of the Labour party that he knows, he knows no other person other than Julius Abure, and he doesn’t know Lamidi Apapa as the National Chairman of the Labour party. In his words, “Julius Abure is the Labour Party National Chairman that I know, I know no one else”.

“Lamidi Apapa is not the National Chairman of the Labour party, and if he decides to disobey the rules and regulations of the LP and the NLC, he’s on his own. Lamidi Apapa can’t forcefully impose himself on us”. Continue Reading>>>>

He also said that even if the court suspended Julius Abure, it is left for the LP to choose who replaces Abure, and not someone coming from no where claiming to be the National Chairman of the party.


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