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Tinubu’s Victory: I Want To Talk With You Over Dinner In That Country Called Biafra – Keyamo Responds Ekpa



Festus Keyamo, the Bola Ahmed Tinubu presidential campaign council’s official spokesperson, responded to Simon Ekpa’s threat that Tinubu wouldn’t be able to rule the Biafra people on Friday.

Remember that Tinubu won the recently ended presidential election, defeating Atiku Abubakar and Peter Obi by more than 2 million votes. Yet, there have been many complaints about the corruption and disenfranchisement of some voters in the election that produced Tinubu…… Continue Reading

It appears that Keyamo had already made a statement in response to Peter Obi’s claims of rigging. He said that the APC would also seek the Court because they have proof of voter fraud in the South East. He went on to show proof of many cancellations on a result sheet from one of the Enugu polling places, which drew criticism from Simon Ekpa, the leader of the banned IPOB group, who claimed that Tinubu’s celebration of becoming president would not last till May 11.

However, Keyamo responded to Simon Ekpa’s tweet in the following manner:

“Please, Simon Ekpa, I’ll like to discuss this issue more with you over dinner in that country you call ‘Biafra’ anytime soon. If you feel Bola Ahmed Tinubu will not preside over that territory, then you should be comfortable coming over there. Please, come. I need to check something”…… Continue Reading

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