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Carlo Ancelotti Addresses Tax Evasion Allegations



Carlo Ancelotti Addresses Tax Evasion Allegations

It is reported that the Italian might get almost five years of jail term for not evading some of his taxes between 2014 and 2015. According to reports, it is alleged that he only declared income he received from Real Madrid and did not declare income from image rights.

Ancelotti responded to the allegations during a post-match press conference after his team booked qualification to the quarter-final of the UEFA Champions League. According to him, he did not do anything wrong because he was not living in Spain at that time.

He said,

“It’s an old story, from 2015. The Prosecutor’s Office thinks I was a resident of Spain [at that time] and I wasn’t. The money is already in the Prosecutor’s Office. Now it’s up to the lawyer to find a solution. And I am convinced that I was not a resident and that I am innocent. Let’s see what the judge says.”

Ancelotti is not the only sportsperson who has been accused of evading tax in the past. Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo were also accused of tax evasion when they were at Barcelona and Real Madrid respectively.