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Brymo Laments “Burna Boy stole my song”



Brymo Laments "Burna Boy stole my song"

Singer Brymo, also known as Ọlawale Ọlọfọrọ, has alleged that Burna Boy, the Grammy-winning artiste, has infringed on his intellectual property.

Brymo alleges that Burna Boy’s songs “City Boys” and “I Told Them” borrowed elements from the title track of his upcoming album, “Macabre.”

Brymo sees this as a serious offense and believes it should be punished with jail time.

Writing on his Instagram account, Brymo said though he hasn’t released “Macabre” to the public, Burna Boy had used using elements from it.

Brymo wrote; “ By end of this year y’all will recollect that ‘Macabre’ wasn’t released when in the public, and as privately as it gets .: ‘city boy’.. and ‘I Told You’ were fed to Burna Boy..

“Former of the track titles I mentioned above is there to point me to the fact that the latter, and his album title is the hook I sing on my album title track ‘Macabre’.. burna na really boy.. and that’s a crime.!! An actual crime…To do time for… and if una like make una resurrect legends to come complain about stolen songs… una go regret this shit to numerous degrees… shey una no dey hear word !!.”

The rapper also claimed that he was attacked by seven boys, which 2Face corroborated.

Brymo Laments "Burna Boy stole my song"
Brymo Laments "Burna Boy stole my song"
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