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Do You Wish To Be A Yahoo Boy? Then Read this



Do You Wish To Be A Yahoo Boy? Then Read this

Do You Wish To Be A Yahoo Boy? Then Read this.

If for long you had always wished to be a yahoo boy, then you have landed in a right place. For you to have wished to be a Yahoo Boy is not because of any other thing if not that you want to make money, you want to be a big boy, you want to show off, you want to be recognized among your mates and even in the society; because when money is involved all those things are possible.

According to Cambridgedictionary, Yahoo means a rude, loud, unpleasant person. But today especially in Nigeria, the name Yahoo has gone viral, and has been used to mean generally “Internet Fraud”. 

So according to Nigerians, a yahoo Boy is an internet fraudster, one who uses the internet to defraud people of their hard earnings. 

The case of Internet fraud is at it’s increasing rate in Nigeria today, this maybe because many youths are eager to go into it due to how wealthy and luxurious those in it live. What baffles most of the interested youth is how quick the Yahoo boys get rich. This would always compel an average youth to think of Internet fraud as an alternative, and the way out.

Always remember this fact:πŸ‘Œ Nigerians are brainny and well talented, that is why Yahoo business has seemed to be hard to combat despite Government efforts.  

For you to be a Yahoo boy, you must be:

* Talented

* Educated

* Smart

* Intelligent

* Thinkable

* Innovative

* Current

* Informed

* Hard-working

* Persistent

* Patient

But do you know that those qualities mentioned above, if all put in place positively can develop a whole Nation within a short period of time.

So it means that those Yahoo boys we have in Nigeria today possess those qualities mentioned above, and they are not utilizing all these wonderful qualities positively for the development of the Country.

So if one can have those qualities mentioned above, such person has been fortified to survive in any place, such person has all it takes to make positive change in his country. Such person has all it takes to create new things. Such person has all it takes to change people’s lives positively. Such person has all it takes to add value to other people’s lives and his country as well. Such person has all it takes to transform this world positively. Such person doesn’t suppose to depend on government to survive, such person has all it takes to create job opportunities for the country.

But why are Nigerians abusing these wonderful gifts we have?

Why are many into Yahoo business?

Why are many still eager to join the business?

Who is at fault, the Government or the citizens?

How can we stop Yahoo? 

How can we stop abusing these talents we have?

How can we start using these talents positively for our National Development?

If you are still thinking of joining Yahoo business, then see why you should not join:πŸ‘‡

When you are into Yahoo business, you are:πŸ‘‡

1. Laying Causes in Your Llife

Think of this; even you that want to join, if someone should defraud your hard earnings, making you hopeless; don’t you think you are going to cause the fraudster. And remember, anything you may say maybe powerful because the fraudster is guilty.

Do you know that many have been rendered abjectly poor because they were defrauded of all the money they had in bank, what do you think that will happen if such people should lay causes on the fraudster?

2. Killing People’s Lives

Do you know many have committed suicide because they were defrauded of all the money they had as their hope in future, who do you think that killed such people? It’s actually the fraudster.

3. Killing Your Potentials

Imagine when you have the qualities mentioned previously, and you are misusing them, using them negatively, what do you think? You are just losing all of them since you have failed to develop them positively. 

The only thing that can make one useful and of value to his society is his talents, but you can never be of any help to your society once you start engaging in Yahoo business, because all you think is negative strategies to hurting your fellow human beings, you will never think of any way of adding value to people’s lives except evil tricks. This will always make you negative and valueless because one’s life turns to be what he thinks everyday. And remember a valueless life is never worth living, it’s just as good as the dead.

3. A Criminal In The Country

There is no two ways about it, a Yahoo Boy is a Criminal in the highest order! And remember how criminals are being treated in the country. Every thing that goes around comes around, any evil one does must come after him one day if he fails to repent. So as a Yahoo Boy, if you fail to repent, one day your cup must be filled up, and guess what, you will be arrested and prosecuted by the law, by then all the earnings you think you had made for long are vanity. Those guys you think they are poor, and not smart will be better than you then because they are slow and steady. The best race is slow and steady race.

So as a Yahoo Boy, remember that your life is prone to damage and destruction, because the law is highly against you.

4. Against Morality

He that defraud people of their earnings is in the highest order against the moral standard of living. Once one lacks moral life, he becomes arrogant and idiotic in the society. Once one becomes arrogant and idiotic in the society, he becomes a nuisance and a terrorist in the society. Once one becomes a nuisance and a terrorist in the society, he becomes a subject of attack by the Government, which may lead to his end.

5. Far From God’s Favour

Do you know many religious youth have been taken out of their religious life, and taken very far into the world. Some joined ritualism due to yahoo business, because they wanted to make it fast and big. 

Once you are are out of God’s umbrella by going into ritualism, some how you are out of God’s favour and protection protection, because you have chosen another God which you serve.

And remember, we live because of God’s favour and protection, so once one is out of God’s favour and protection, such person is prone to damage.

So if you are still a Yahoo boy, this is a very nice opportunity for you to repent and change for good. Transform those Yahoo qualities into positive functions.

Then he that still want to join, this is also a nice opportunity to rethink and change your thinking into positivity.

So in summary, I’m asking as a question; why do people go into Yahoo business, and why are many still eager to go into it?

Also, how can we stop Yahoo, what is the way forward?

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