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Hello Guys!! This is what Happen To me and FRSC



Hello Guys!! This is what Happen To me and FRSC

I was Traveling from ilorin going to lagos, So on my way going to lagos and was at ibadan ojoo so FRSC stopped me and said Hello and aqcused me for not using seat belt.

So i begg those FRSC that it has skipped my mind and am really sorry it won’t happen again!!

Those FRSC laughed together and i was like WTF! Just because of what and one man come and said gentle man if you don’t cooprate with us we would ceased your drivers lincess and also impound your car,

I was Like WTF! untop wetin

He washpering on my hear and saying i would be charged 20k which only money with me

I was trying to bring the money down but they refuse to bring it down

Ok because of Time i give them the money sadly, so they release me i was on my way going to lagos

later later i reach ikeja lagos state i just hear one phone ranging beside me and my phone is in my pocket

i just take a look unfortunately it was i phone 12

ok i picked up the call it was FRSC officer now begging me to return the phone

so if you are in my shoe will you return the phone ?

Pls let hear from you all

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