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BTS – Butterfly Lyrics (English Version)



BTS – Butterfly Lyrics (English Version)

BTS showcases their lyrical finesse in “Butterfly,” offering a poignant portrayal of emotions that sets them apart in the K-pop landscape. As adept storytellers, they craft a tapestry of profound feelings in their verses, making “Butterfly” a testament to their exceptional lyrical prowess.


BTS – Butterfly Lyrics

Verse 1: Jung Kook & V

Don’t think of anything

Don’t say anything, not even a word

Just give me a smile

I still can’t believe it

All of this seems like a dream

Don’t try to disappear

Pre-Chorus: Jung Kook & Jimin

Is it true? Is it true?

You, you

You’re so beautiful, that I’m scared

Untrue, untrue

You, you, you

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Chorus: Jung Kook & Jimin

Will you stay by my side

Will you promise me

If I let go of your hand, you’ll fly away and break

I’m scared scared scared of that

Will you stop time

If this moment passes

As though it hadn’t happened

I’m scared scared scared I’ll lose you

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1 Comment

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