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Only Fine Girl Remix Lyrics by Spyro Ft. Simi



Only Fine Girl Remix Lyrics by Spyro Ft. Simi

The ‘Only Fine Girl’ remix lyrics by Spyro, featuring vocalist Simi, merges their contrasting styles into a harmonious and engaging musical experience.

Simi’s enchanting vocals complement Spyro’s signature charm, elevating the song’s essence and captivating listeners.

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Spyro & Simi – Only Fine Girl Remix Lyrics

Intro: Spyro & Simi

Ohhh weeeee

Oh ahh


Can you Simi now

Verse 1: Spyro

Fine fine girls for my gate

Vanessa dey for my place

Tolani, dolani sef dey for my state

But I tell all of them to commot for my face

Ahh yea commot for my face

If them like make them talk make dem start to potate

If you no de I no mind to go celibate

If you want me to sing, I go sing omah lay

So I tell other girls I see them later

And na because of you I spend my paper

My number one,na only you de for my radar ,for my radar

Chorus: Spyro

You are the only fine girl

Only fine girl that I know

Only fine girl

Only fine girl in my zone

Only fine girl

Wey I dey chat for my phone,for my phone

If you ever leave me now

Oyinmo I go broke

No deceiving now

Holy ghost e go choke

Number 1 for my coast ,for my coast