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Dremo and DanDizzy apply ‘Pressure’ with new single



Dremo and DanDizzy apply 'Pressure' with new single

The wait is finally over as skilled Nigerian rappers, Dremo and DanDizzy, who’ve been teasing a collab for a while now, have finally blessed us with the track, aptly titled, Pressure.

This isn’t just any collab, mind you. It’s a South-South power move, a lyrical handshake across state lines as Edo State’s Dremo joins forces with Port Harcourt’s own DanDizzy. These two Southern kings are out to prove exactly why the South-South region breeds some of the hottest rappers in the game.

Produced by the rising beatmaker Freshyvibez, Pressure is a sonic scorcher that tackles a relevant and relatable theme: the societal pressure to chase wealth and the intimidation that comes with it in today’s world.

Dremo and DanDizzy trade verses laced with raw bars and sharp wit, spitting lyrics that paint a vivid picture of the struggle against societal expectations and the constant pressure to keep up with the Joneses. But it’s not all fire and fury. Woven into the track is a message of resilience and self-belief, a reminder to stay true to your own pace and not let anyone, or anything, dictate your path.

This ain’t just a song, it’s an advise. Pressure is a song for anyone who’s ever felt the weight of expectation, a reminder that true success comes from following your own rhythm, not someone else’s.

So crank up the volume, blast Pressure on repeat, and let Dremo and DanDizzy show you how the South-South does it. Trust me, these boys are just getting started.

Listen to Pressure here.