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APC reacts to #BuhariMustGo Protests, issues warning



The attention of APC Mandate Defenders has been drawn to the fake and spurious news report alleging that there was an early morning protest in Abuja today, saying nothing like that ever took place.

Denying the claim in a statement released to newsmen in Abuja on Monday afternoon by the National Publicity Secretary of the group, Mr. Ifeanyi Emeka, the group said the trending video was an edited version of the failed June 12 nationwide protest organized by some citizens serving foreign interest as well as that of the opposition in Nigeria.

Explaining further, the group said that in a bid to escape accountability for the huge sums of money collected by these unpatriotic elements to destabilize the country, the shenagans behind the evil plot went and edited an old video clip of the failed June 12 protest and circulated it all over the social media in order to hoodwink the unsuspecting and law abidding members of the public.

The group advised Nigerians to ignore the fake news and go about their normal business as there is nothing to worry about.

When President Buhari went to Borno State last week to commission some projects, we saw the crowd that came out to express their love and affections for him in the state. The story is the same everywhere the President goes.

Besides, by all standards, President Buhari is an accomplished man whose only interest is to improve the life and welfare of every Nigerian.

Therefore, we cannot allow the enemies of the nation working in collaboration with some unpatriotic elements to destabilize the country our forebears handed down to us in trust.

The group advised agent provocateurs across the nation to look for legitimate means of earning a living and stop engendering the future of young people through incessant protests and fabrication of fake and spurious news reports against the country which often dissuade foreign investors from considering Nigeria in their investment decisions.

Democracy is not only about elections or organising protests, but it’s also about accountability, accepting and respecting the verdict of the people.

Therefore, we must learn to respect the right to freedom of expression of Nigerians as expressed by 15.2 million Nigerians who gave their mandate to President Buhari to govern the nation in 2019.

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