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Mike Ejiofor: Peter Obi Is Not the Igbos’ Representative



Mike Ejiofor: Peter Obi Is Not the Igbos' Representative

Based on Mike Ejiofor, a former Director of the Division of State Services, President Bola Ahmed Tinubu has performed a paternal position in the allocation of appointments. CONTINUE FULL READING>>>

Regardless of receiving fewer votes from the South East in the previous election, Tinubu has acted as a father figure for the nation by addressing the grievances of the South Easterners.

Ejiofor further claims that the recent appointment of Igbo individuals to positions of power has positively influenced the perception of Tinubu among the Igbo community.

He emphasizes that the Ohanaeze, a prominent Igbo socio-cultural group, has urged the people of the South East to support the current administration due to the favorable developments initiated by the government in recent weeks. CONTINUE FULL READING>>>

He said, “Obi Is Going Nowhere As Far As God Lives; If Igbos Want A Representative, It’s Not Peter Obi.” “From what we have seen in the public domain, you can see that the President has made good appointments.

No one from the South East held the position of service chief in the last eight years. We must commend the President for the fair distribution and representation. When we talk about handling security situations, we can’t rely on just one zone.

Tinubu is addressing the concerns of the South Easterners by appointing them to office. The Ohanaeze has commended the appointments and called for support for his government.”

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