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Footballers Unjustly Excluded from the World Cup Bid



Footballers Unjustly Excluded from the World Cup Bid

The Selection of World Cup Squads by Coaching Staff: Debates and Controversies

1# Sandro Wagner

In the 2017/2018 season, Bayern Munchen’s German striker was one of the best in his position in the league. Despite successful performances in friendlies, the Bundestim coach Joachim Löw opted for the experienced Mario Gomez. Even the popular internet casino from was surprised by this decision. The bookmakers’ odds immediately experienced significant fluctuations.

This surprised many fans, because Mario scored much less goals, while having more playing time on the field. After learning about the coach’s decision, Sandro gave vent to his feelings right on the pitch, and despite the support of such authorities as Jupp Heynckes, he immediately ended his career in the national team.

2# Chicharito

While Mexico was preparing for the 2022 World Cup, Javier Hernandez, who was 34 years old at the time, was having a successful MLS season, scoring 20 goals a season. Being in such a form, he was obliged to be included in the list of players for that Mundial. But the fault of the fateful decision of the coaching staff was the behavior of the top scorer of his national team in 2019.

Then, during a trip to the United States, Chicharito was spotted in an inebriated state with two girls of easy behavior. In addition to the overall image of the national team, this had a negative impact on the players themselves. Footballers’ wives began to suspect their lovers of cheating, suggesting the widespread nature of such entertainment at away matches. Amidst widespread pressure, the federation instructed not to call the player to the upcoming Mundial.

3# Luis Alberto

Serie A’s best assistant of the 2017/2018 season was bound to get his ticket to the World Cup. He managed to achieve such a high scoreline playing for Lacio, and all Spanish fans expected to see Luis in Qatar. However, the Red Fury coach Lopetegui had his own plans.

According to his concept, the national team was to be built on the basis of three clubs: Real Madrid, Barcelona and Atletico de Madrid. A number of other players (e.g. Juan Mata, Fabregas, Pedro, etc.) were also unlucky on this principle. As we already know, Julen was suspended from the national team the day before the start of the Mundial, and Spain did not show impressive results then.

4# Mats Hummels

The experienced center-back, who has been concreting the Borussia Dortmund defense since 2009, deserved to go to the Qatar Mundial as much as anyone. At the time, the German national team was led by Hans-Dieter Flick, who motivated his decision by the desire to give way to youth, so that the national team would have a promising future. However, behind the scenes, such an illogical decision was explained by the disgraced character of Mats, which could harm the overall atmosphere of the team. But all this remains at the level of rumors and the real reason is still unknown.

5# Radja Nainggolan

Back then, the Roma midfielder was in phenomenal form. He was the best in the Italian club’s squad and almost took the Yellow-Reds to the Champions League final, stopping one step before the last stage of the tournament. The coach of the Belgian national team was well aware of the difficult character of the player. However, as many believed, it was not a rational reason for the rejection. There was not even any conflict between Nainggolan and Roberto Martinez, but because of the player’s near-football scandals, the coach decided to leave him out of the application. Fans explained it by Roberto’s cowardice and inability to work with wayward players, but public pressure could not induce him to change his decision.

6# David De Gea

There was no room for conflicts and scandals in this story. David is one of the best goalkeepers of the decade, being at that time in great shape. Thanks to his skills, he “pulled out” more than one match for Manchester United, for which he played at that time. Seemingly, nothing portend trouble, but then the Spanish national team was led by Luis Enrique, who depersonalized the players, seeing them only parts of his mechanism. It is for this reason De Gea did not play under such a pedantic mentor, who was not satisfied with the play of the goalkeeper in the construction of attacks. To many it seemed absurd, but the Spanish federation knew what it was getting into. Mundial 2022 for the “Red Fury” was unsuccessful, and the team left already at the stage of 1/8 finals.

Remembering the stories of players who unexpectedly found themselves left out of the World Cup, we see that sometimes even stars fail to make it to the Mundial due to various circumstances, whether for sporting or non-football reasons. However, these situations only add excitement and unpredictability to the most prestigious tournament in world football.