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16 Photos That Will Change The Way You Look at The World



Good morning readers, today I have selected 20 pictures only a few humans have ever seen, they are the most unusual perspective things which can be seen on this same earth. 

When you look at this, what do you see?

It’s not a pebble placed on a photo. That is the opposite side of the Moon and a rare clear visual of the earth. This picture was released by NASA to show the world a rare view of the world we live in. 

You are a lucky human if you got to see the 

Cappuccino Coast. It looks like someone poured tons of milk and coffee into the ocean, then turned on a giant blender. The foam you see is so light you could pack a full hand and watch as it floats off your hands. 

This is how surfers workout. This is not easy job as she could easily drown inside the water but she is a professional now. In this picture She is running on the ocean bed carrying a 40-pound stone, this should help her fight waves. 

This beautiful and small bonsai tree is up to 800 years old. 

Who do you see in this picture? I know it looks like Jessica Alba but it’s actually her grandmother, they are basically twins in different times.

Blood vessels in a hand.

The Bagger 288 is the largest mechanism on earth. It can actually move autonomously which is a plus for a machine it size.

Have you ever seen a black rhino before? I highly doubt it. Here a black rhino was born for the first time in 18 years. It’s one of the rarest species on earth at the moment. 

This is a motion capture as a camera captured a large gorilla seconds before it is knocked off by the huge monster. 

These little automobiles are quite beautiful and sleek. It is known as the Snow Crawler and it is as precious as Bugatti is among cars. 

On today’s episode of things we don’t see often, here we have Stairs in the desert.

When you look at this, it looks lovely and makes you want to try it but it’s actually one of the most dangerous activities any human can partake in. Here we see a pro climber holding on to the slightest uneven surface on a cliff. One misjudgment and we could see a tragic accident. 

Inside a Space Station

This is a blind dog with a special hoop that helps and prevents it from banging it’s head on anything around. 

This is actually an island in Malaysia where people reside. 

A beautiful Tibetan village.

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