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5 words you probably don’t know the meaning in Asake’s Terminator Lyrics (Explained)



words you probably don't know in terminator lyrics

There are 5 words you do not probably know about the song Terminator by Asake and this article is set to reveal them to you. These are certain hidden meanings in the lyrics of the song Terminator by Asake.

1 . Eji Malaika

Eji Malaika (Angel with diastema) is a Yoruba word for a fake prophet, relative to the white garment churches. In the deep ghetto areas of south west Nigeria, whenever someone is referred to as Eji Malaika, it loosely translates to a fake prophet whose gap teeth is filled with lies. The testament to this fact is when Asake asks for his SUTANAH (white garment) after talking about Eji Malaika.

2. Omo Odo/Dodoyo

Omo odo is also a Yoruba word for a maid. Asake in this song is indirectly telling his lover than he is ready to be anything he wants, even if it is a maid in order to get what he wants from her. More reason after saying “omo odo”, he sings “emi omo governor so mi di dodoyo”. Dodoyo means a fool, therefore Asake is ready to be a fool to get what he wants.

3. Ngbo gbo na ngbo gbo gbo, n soh soh na n soh soh

Ngbo gbo is a Yoruba dialect which means Hearing while N soh soh means Speaking. The singer is trying to tell his lover that “I’ve spoken and you’ve heard, don’t terminate me (our agreement)

4. Peripe peripe. Forifofofo

This is a street slang for an intense lewdness.

5. Ida Leka Moraino :

The artiste is indirectly speaking in tongues here, it could be said that he had an intense pleasure that causes him to speak in tongues .

Listen To The Song Here.

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