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Actress Bimpe Akintunde – Thank God i escape from bandits at Lagos to Ibadan expressway



Actress Bimpe Akintunde popularly known as Wasila Coded has expressed gratitude to God for escaping an attack from suspected bandits along the Lagos-Ibadan expressway on Saturday afternoon.

The Yoruba movie star in a post on Instagram thanked God for safe arrival in Lagos.

“To God be the glory we arrived our home in Lagos not too long ago. It’s a thanksgiving Sunday for me today. Oluwaseun ni tori aanu re duro titillate,“she wrote.

Narrating her ordeal in an Instagram post on Saturday, Bimpe said she was travelling to Lagos from Ibadan with her daughter when the incident happened.

“Let’s be careful on Ibadan express road. I escaped bandit attack at around after five this evening, after Oni-Garri on my way to Lagos. They were shooting at all of the vehicles coming from Ibadan. They’re like 10 in army uniform shooting directly at us,” she wrote.

“God saved me and my daughter, I can’t believe this. Like they were shooting directly at us!!! Where are we going in this country…broad daylight attack!!!” she added.

Akintunde appreciated God for helping them escape the attack unharmed. She also decried the worsening insecurity in the country.

She also thanked some of her colleagues like Mercy Aigbe, Madam Saje, Bimbo Akinsanya and others for their support.

She wrote: I woke  up to Almost 50 missed calls both Local and International @sajetiologa I saw your 5 missed calls Maami Abiyamo , Thank you…

In another post, she wrote: “My Jili was shocked and was shaking when she called yesterday @jisola00 thanks. My Sister Agbeke mili I woke up to your Missed calls and Messages @olatoun_olanrewaju thank you My Lovely SIster.

”Maami Apinke @the_bimboakisanya I woke up to your voice note this morning and you still call again to check on us. E seun ma Onitemi Atata @rachealadelaja I missed your call yesterday and I did not call back, you were the First person that messaged when I updated on my WhatsApp that we are now home, you said since I didn’t pick up last night you were monitoring my WhatsApp update thanks for having me in mind.

“Darling sis C @strongndbeautiful_Ayoooo mil This was crying on the phone fa Thank you sis A, d. We will not weep over ourselves by the Grace of God dal.

“My SL Madam @sl_beautyaffairs Thank you for calling and praying with me God Be with us All a da d
Only one glitters toke mi @glitterstouch_makeovers
thanks for Calling sis dad @officialmatini Thank you for calling dear dad.

”@moyinoluwaolutayo Mother Mine thanks for calling made do @doyinkukoyi lyeeee milli Appreciate your call Ma1

”Special Thanks to Everyone that Send Text messages,WhatsApp and DM to Reach out to me dad C No Evil shall befall Anyone of us And To Every Hand Commenting prayers and well wishes Untimely
Death won’t be Our portion insha Allah da dad”

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