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Actress Omo VC Publicly Addresses MC Oluomo, Alleging Threats to Life



Actress Omo VC Publicly Addresses MC Oluomo, Alleging Threats to Life

Yoruba actress Mariam Muftaudeen, affectionately known as Omo VC, publicly confronts the Chairman of Lagos State Park Management, Musiliu Akinsanya, aka MC Oluomo, accusing him of threatening her life and that of her daughter.

The movie producer called on the general public to hold MC Oluomo “responsible should any harm befalls me or my daughter”.

In a lengthy Instagram post, the actress claimed she has a daughter for MC Oluomo but he has failed to take responsibility for the child’s welfare.

In the post titled “open letter to Musiliu Akinsaya”, Muftaudeen also accused claimed the last time she took her daughter to MC Oluomo’s residence, he ordered his security men to shoot at her.

The film star alleged that efforts to take legal actions against him failed because the judiciary “backed out before commencement of the case”.

It is no longer news to the public that our escapades provided a child, Zeenat Abebi. You made life unbearable for me not just during the pregnancy but even after the birth of Zeenat.

All effort to reconcile with you and make you responsible was frustrated by you.

I had no option than to reach out to people I believed you respect and love but nothing good cane out of it. Instead, you result to threatening my life and that of the child physically and spiritually (I have some evidences of the physical if the spiritual attacks cannot be established in the law court).

You lied to people that you gave me 20m Naira, Where? When? Through who? Just as I told those that confronted me, you should rather call out whoever you give such amount to though I believe you are lying.

Not until my last visitation to your house, I’ve been responsible for this girl’s welfare. All you sent a third party was one million naira a week after I came to your house that you even instructed the police officer to shoot at me.

All I ask from you is be responsible for her, stop coming after my life, still coming after my daughter’s life and leave out my fiance’s life too because he believe he is not safe with all that’s ongoing.

All effort to go legal proved abortive because those I even believe their chamber would be respected are jittery. They back out of the case even before it commence.

I know you are Tinubu’s boy so you believe the world evolve around you but their is one being who give and take

Oluomo, ma pa mi, ma pa mi lomo. Je n roju raye se iya omo mi.

If anything bad happen to me or my daughter, hold MUSILIU AKINSANYA responsible.

MC Oluomo has yet to respond to the allegation as of the time of this report.