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Apple Music celebrates Amapiano’s unstoppable female artists in August



Apple Music is using the month of August to celebrate the phenomenal female talent in the Amapiano music space.

In the vibrant world of music, trends often emerge and evolve, reflecting the diverse cultures and energies of different communities. A great example that has captured the global stage is Amapiano, a genre that has skyrocketed from the streets of Mzansi to dance floors around the world. Amapiano isn’t only set apart by its infectious beats and jazz-infused melodies, it’s also made special by the remarkable women who are leading the charge in a genre traditionally dominated by men. 

Apple Music is now shining a spotlight on these trailblazing women who are shaping and reshaping the genre’s destiny.

Loosely translated as “the pianos,” Amapiano emerged in the late 2010s as a bass-heavy, jazz-fused sub-genre deeply embedded in South Africa’s street and youth culture. What’s truly exceptional about this phenomenon is the opportunity it has provided for women artists to rise and thrive. In a musical realm often skewed towards male voices, these talented women are pushing boundaries and carving out their own sonic niches in the genre.

Among the luminaries taking the Amapiano world by storm are Uncle Waffles, a DJ and producer born in Eswatini, Nkosazana Daughter, a singer-songwriter hailing from Kwa-Zulu Natal, and DBN Gogo, a formidable DJ and producer. Their contributions to Amapiano have been monumental, producing iconic tracks that have become anthems of the genre. Even more remarkably, they have taken the distinctive sounds of Amapiano to global heights, resonating with audiences far beyond South Africa’s borders.

Uncle Waffles, who earned Apple Music’s coveted ‘Isgubhu’ feature for August, expresses the elation of sharing Amapiano worldwide, declaring, “Travelling the world, getting to share this genre, it feels absolutely amazing.”

For Nkosazana Daughter, Amapiano is more than just music – it’s a means to evoke emotions and touch souls. She shares, “I want to heal people, I want them to feel a certain way every time they listen to my music.”

DBN Gogo, the recipient of Apple Music’s Isgubhu feature in 2022, considers herself privileged to represent South Africa and Amapiano’s unique sound. She envisions a global dance floor where people groove to the rhythm of Amapiano, stating, “I’m thankful for the opportunity to push Amapiano to the world.”

Apple Music is now celebrating these exceptional women through its dedicated space, “Women In Amapiano.” As Amapiano continues its global ascent, these artists are breaking barriers, challenging norms, and adding their unique voices to the genre’s narrative. Amapiano’s meteoric rise has a powerful soundtrack, one orchestrated by the remarkable women who are setting stages on fire and inviting the world to dance to the rhythm of change.


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