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“Asake Expresses Love for Seyi in ‘Different Pattern’ Vibez”



"Asake Expresses Love for Seyi in 'Different Pattern' Vibez"

“Nigerian Singer, Asake, Takes to Social Media to Admire Colleague Seyi Vibez, Sparking Fan Discussions”

Asake declared himself a huge fan of Seyi Vibez’s music, particularly highlighting one of the hit tracks from Seyi Vibez’s latest EP, Nahamciaga.

The Joha hitmaker on his Instagram story today, February 22, 2024, openly expressed his genuine love for Seyi Vibez’s track titled Different Pattern, admitting that he can’t get enough of it. The public acknowledgment from Asake, known for his unique blend of Fuji, Apala, and Yoruba songs into Afrobeats, showcases the unity between the two artists.

Both Asake and Seyi Vibez have earned recognition as prominent figures in modern Fuji music, resonating with young Nigerians through their distinctive musical styles. Asake’s positive comment about Seyi Vibez’s song marks a significant development in their relationship and serves to dispel any lingering rumors of envy or jealousy between the two singers.

Moreover, their mutual appreciation contributes to fostering a healthier environment within the Nigerian music industry, particularly in addressing toxic fanbase rivalries often associated with other artist camps.

The public exchange between Asake and Seyi Vibez not only highlights the unity among emerging artists but also signals a step forward in promoting collaboration and mutual support within the music community.