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AY confesse My nightclub business failed badly



AY speaks on how he failed at nightclub business

Award winning stand up comedian, Ayo Makun aka AY has revealed that he failed with his nightclub business, MVP Lagos.

The comedian who also doubles as an actor said when he ventured into the nightclub business, he did it thinking he would be able to attract few hundred people for the club.

But it failed.

He said after the failed business he learnt that everybody must know his strength.

According to AY who spoke during an Instagram live session, he failed in the business because he does not understand how the Friday night business works, making him lose money.

“I once entered a business that I did not understand. I am very open, there is nothing to hide. There was a time I opened a nightclub. I opened a nightclub with the thought that ‘My name is AY’, I do shows at Eko Hotel, six thousand people attend.

“If I do my show in Abuja, thousands of people will also come. So I asked myself if I open a beer parlour, will I not be able to gather two hundred people in a weekend?

“I did not understand that it’s a different calling. That I can gather six thousand people at Eko Hotel does not mean I have the capacity to gather two hundred people on a Friday night.”

“Because I did not understand how the Friday night business works, it was a fundamental failure; money was lost. What is the message here?

‘I also have two of my friends who were solid in the nightlife business. They decided to have a show at Eko Hotel.

“It was a disaster. The message here is for everyone to know his strength. Know where you can function, know what you can handle.”

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