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Ayra Starr Shares What She Would Do if She Were President for a Day



Ayra Starr Shares What She Would Do if She Were President for a Day

Afrobeat Sensation Ayra Starr Sparks Gender Debate Online with Her Vision for Women as President for a Day

Known for her outspoken support of the feminist movement, the artist revealed her aspirations during an interview that surfaced online today, Thursday, March 7, 2024, where she was informed of former U.S. President, Barack Obama’s inclusion of her song Rush on his playlist.

When asked what she would do if granted the presidency for a day, Ayra responded emphatically, stating, “If I was president for a day, I will make sure women don’t have to pay for anything. No woman has to pay for anything, everything free. All the bags, all the jewelry, food. Women and children won’t have to pay for anything.”

However, her declaration drew criticism from male fans who expressed their displeasure in the comments section.

Ayra’s bold stance on gender equality has sparked a contentious discussion, highlighting differing perspectives on the issue of women’s rights and entitlements in society. While some applaud her commitment to advocating for women’s empowerment, others have questioned the feasibility and implications of her proposed policies.

As the conversation continues to unfold online, Ayra Starr’s outspoken advocacy for gender equality showcases the ongoing struggle for equal rights and opportunities for women in Nigeria and beyond.