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BBNaija: Terrible things Beauty said about Groovy last night



BBNaija: Terrible things Beauty said about Groovy last night

It’s game over. The romantic relationship between former Miss Nigeria, Beauty Tukura, and Groovy, her partner in the BBNaija house seems to have hit the rocks, after they got involved in an altercation after Saturday’s night party.

It wasn’t just a mere altercation, as Beauty who was inebriated at the party said some unprintable things about Groovy. She also said the relationship was over.

Trouble started when Beauty got angry after seeing Groovy danced with Chomzy, a Level 1 Housemate. Beauty was so furious after the party that she created a scene, became noisy and uncontrollable.

Groovy tried to calm her down by appealing to her. According to Groovy, he had been avoiding Chomzy at the party, but it was Chomzy who came to meet him and hung her arms around him. “Was I supposed to push her away?”Groovy asked.

Groovy also said Beauty had told him before the party that he could dance with anyone at the party except Chomzy, which he agreed with and tried to adhere to until Chomzy herself came to him.

Still, the more Groovy appealed to Beauty, the more she was shouting at the top of her voice and said unprintable things about Groovy. “Why are you so insecure? “If I wanted to go for Chomsky
Won’t I go for her? Groovy asked her.

Other housemates tried to calm Beauty down but she was uncontrollable. She got every one stunned and talking when she said Groovy had “a small preek”which in the local parlance means small penis. She also said Groovy had gone down on her a few times she show began. “He has sucked my breast, fingered my vagina,” she averred.

Beauty’s irrational behaviour last night was the peak of her consistent confrontational attitude towards Groovy, She wants to have Groovy to herself alone and takes offence wheever she notices he too close to other female housemates in the house

Beauty got a strike last Saturday for assaulting Ilebaye over an argument about Groovy. Many housemates tried to prevent her from getting violent. But the more they appeal to her,t the more she insulted them.

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