Home Entertainment Bella Shmurda said he was enrolled into tailoring but ran away

Bella Shmurda said he was enrolled into tailoring but ran away

Bella Shmurda
Bella Shmurda

Without being told, just a look at Bella Shmurda gives one the idea that he was a tough kid to deal with growing up. As he has stated in previous interviews, he is a ‘street boy’ which comes with wanting to look tough and making your decisions for yourself.

Now a household name in the Nigerian entertainment industry, the singer, real name Akinbiyi Abiola Ahmed disclosed some of his shenanigans just after he concluded his secondary school education.

You wouldn’t think that the ‘CashApp’ singer once lived a life of threads, needles and measuring tapes but the truth is Bella Shmurda used to be a tailor. He was registered to learn tailoring by his mum but ran away and went about his own business.


This was what he said during a Q and A session with Pulse when asked to state one thing no one knows about him.

‘I used to be a tailor. When I finished my secondary school my mum put me in a tailoring school but I ran away. I used to be a fashionista. I can cut (fabrics for sewing) as well.

Bella Shmurda recently released an EP ‘High Tension 2.0’ – a continuation of his 2020 7-track debut EP ‘High Tension’. He says he hopes the body of work will give listeners happiness and lifted spirits.



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