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Big Brother Titans Begins: $100,000 for grab, || how to watch



Big Brother Titans Begins: $100,000 for grab, || how to watch

The countdown to the first season of Big Brother Titans has officially started, and we are super excited. In less than 24 hours, BBTitans will go live, and DStv and GOtv subscribers will be able to watch fan favorites compete for the grand prize of 100,000 dollars.

The combination of Big Brother Naija and Big Brother Mzansi will be explosive. Here is a sneak peek of what to expect.


Nigeria’s trendiest OAP and Big Brother Naija serial host Ebuka Obi Uchendu will host the show with South Africa’s renowned actor, television personality, and Big Brother Mzansi’s host, Lawrence Maleka. They are the best at what they do, and we are all eager to see how well they work together.

Naija and Southy

Some fans may view this as a competition, but we say this is the hottest collaboration ever! A perfect blend of Naija sauce and Southy spice all in one house. Expect a clash of personalities along with a dose of culture flavor. Saturday night parties will be off the chart with a combination of Afrobeat and Amapiano. Kitchen time will be a unique blend of flavors, and we can’t wait to see what fashion trends the housemates will inspire.

72 days of Absolute Drama

The BBTitans show will titillate viewers with 72 days of awesome drama. Alliances will be made and broken. Friendships and situationships will set sail and sink. Friends and frenemies will be unveiled. This season go choke, and we can’t wait.

Broadcast Friendly

BBTitans is rated 18, and the organizers have promised wholesome entertaining content for viewers. We expect to see our favorite segments of Big Brother, including dairy sections, arena games, Saturday night parties, and daily tasks. Shower hour and other obscene scenes will be censored.

100,000 Dollars up for Grabs

The last man or woman standing will walk away with 100,000 dollars and other mouthwatering prizes. Housemates will also win prizes during their stay in the house courtesy of sponsors of the BBTitans show including Flutterwave, Bamboo, and Lotto Star.

Where to Watch

Big Brother Titans will air on DStv Channel 198 and GOtv Channel 29 from tomorrow, 15th of January 2023.

Big Brother Titans will also be available to stream on Showmax. Fans of BBNaija and BBMzansi in the United Kingdom, Republic of Ireland, and 45 countries in Sub-Saharan Africa can follow the drama 24/7 on the streaming service.

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