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Burna Boy Addresses Rumors of Rejecting N1 Billion for Concert



Burna Boy Addresses Rumors of Rejecting N1 Billion for Concert

Grammy Award-Winning Afrobeat Singer Burna Boy Addresses Rumors and Conveys His Disdain for Those Underestimating His Talent

During a performance in Montreal, Burna Boy, known for his unapologetic attitude, made it clear through a song that earning or collecting $5 million was trivial to him, labeling it as disrespectful to his prowess in the music industry.

In a candid moment on stage, Burna Boy praised himself as a champion wherever he goes, highlighting his confidence in his abilities. He lamented being perceived as a joke by many due to his quiet demeanor on certain matters, questioning if such disrespect was the thanks he deserved.

Burna Boy referenced a recent incident where he missed a show in Dubai, indicating that he would only participate in events where his worth and sustenance were valued. This assertion echoes his previous rejection of a N1 billion show in Warri, Nigeria, deeming the offered amount inadequate.

Burna Boy’s bold statements serve as a reminder of his uncompromising stance on his value as an artist and his unwillingness to accept anything less than what he believes he deserves