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Burna Boy Reacts to Jaywon’s Allegations Regarding Davido’s 30 BG Chain Gift



Burna Boy Reacts to Jaywon's Allegations Regarding Davido's 30 BG Chain Gift

Nigerian Music Sensation Burna Boy Sparks Internet Buzz with Cryptic Message Apparently Directed at Colleague Davido

The recent development comes in the wake of a resurfaced video showcasing the two artists, alongside their senior colleague, Jaywon, enjoying a night out at a nightclub.

In the viral footage, Burna Boy and Davido were captured dancing and vibing together, sparking speculations among fans. Of particular interest was Burna Boy’s donning of a chain, which many speculated to be a 30 Billion Gang (30BG) chain gifted to him by the DMW boss, Davido.

Previously, Jaywon had reminisced about Davido’s gesture of gifting Burna Boy a customised 30BG chain, drawing parallels to Burna Boy’s recent act of gifting Seyi Vibes a customised diamond necklace.

However, Burna Boy took to X to seemingly address the past incident with Da vido. In a tweet on Tuesday, March 5, 2024, he cryptically remarked, “U see me dey smile, nor mean say I dey smile o. Eyin fans mi, Dey play.” This statement hinted at underlying tensions or unresolved issues between the two artists, leaving fans speculating about the true nature of their relationship.

Moreover, Burna Boy’s subsequent tweet appeared to allude to the chain controversy, as he wrote, “We go still visit that audio chain and many more o. No worry, make @Cokobar money expire first.” This statement suggested that Burna Boy might address the issue in due time, hinting at a potential confrontation or clarification regarding the speculated chain.

As fans eagerly await further developments, the cryptic tweets from Burna Boy have ignited discussions across social media platforms, reigniting interest in the dynamic between the two prominent figures in the Nigerian music industry.

The evolving narrative surrounding Burna Boy and Davido’s relationship continues to captivate fans and industry observers alike, showcasing the complexities and dynamics within the Nigerian music scene.