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Davido and Chioma make stylish return to Lagos



Davido and Chioma make stylish return to Lagos

Davido and his wife, Chioma were spotted back in Lagos!

Chioma Rowland, the wife of Nigerian singer Davido, has returned to Nigeria after an extended period abroad. A viral video shows Chioma and Davido heading out for a couples dinner with Cubana Chiefpriest and his wife. In the trending footage, Davido, the acclaimed Afrobeats artist, warmly welcomes his wife back to the country.

The video features Davido taking his wife, Chioma, out for a dinner celebration upon her return. Following their dinner at an upscale restaurant in Lagos with Cubana Chiefpriest and his wife, the couple was spotted enjoying a night out at an unidentified club. During their time at the club, a video clip showed the couple having fun, and a special message was displayed on the billboard saying, “Welcome back Chef Chi”.

In the video shared by Cubana Chief Priest, Davido happily celebrated the return of his wife by saying “Al’ Pacino’s wife is back“.  In the latter part of 2023, numerous speculations were circulating on social media regarding the arrival of their twin children. During this period, the singer kept this information under wraps, and it remained unverified. Eventually, the singer disclosed that he and his wife had, indeed, welcomed twins during an interview saying, “When me and my wife found out, we were shaking and it was in the same month, happened in October and my wife gave birth in October, it’s crazy”.