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Davido Reflects on Afrobeat and His First Grammy Nomination



Davido Reflects on Afrobeat and His First Grammy Nomination

Nigerian Singer Davido Shares Pre-Grammy Insights, Father’s Advice, and First Nomination with Rolling Stone on His Way to the Awards

On his way to the ceremony, Davido was interviewed by Rollingstone and the megastar talked about his journey and having the support of friends and family. When asked if he ever imagined himself at the Grammys when he started as a young artist in Nigeria, Davido shared that he never thought about the Grammys. He said, “I just wanted to hear my song on the radio. Being nominated alone is enough to make me proud”.

Many fans were highly anticipating Davido bringing home one award. However, this was not the case as Davido and all other Nigerian nominees lost the award. Davido said during the interview that his father had shared some words of wisdom with him. He said, “My father said ‘Son no matter what happens you are still a legend’. In the beginning we had our little scuffle”.

At the award ceremony, Davido was dressed in a Frere suit paired with Tom Ford shoes, and accessorized with a Patek Philippe watch and Cartier jewelry. The king of Afrobeats shared that “I always knew Afrobeats was going to blow up. Now we are getting put on platforms where people find out things and I’m just happy that everything is just aligning“.