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“Davido Teases Fans with New Music Amid High Demand”



"Davido Teases Fans with New Music Amid High Demand"

“Davido, Afrobeat Royalty, Teases New Music Release Amidst High Fan Demand”

Nigerian Singer Davido has unveiled glimpses of upcoming tracks. In a video posted on his Instagram story, Davido was observed dancing to the rhythm of new tunes, with the snippet suggesting an influence of amapiano beats. This forthcoming song marks his debut release for 2024 and is his first musical endeavor since experiencing a significant setback at the Grammy Awards.

He recently teamed up with Kiss Daniel for the Twe Twe remix. On February 26th, devoted fans of the artist expressed their desire for a fresh track. Social media buzzed with comments like “Davido hasn’t tweeted or posted anything today, I’ve refreshed so many times. My blood isn’t flowing anymore” and “We’re craving another hit song, we’re famished”. Davido reassured his fans that new music was on the way, stating, “Nah my work no worry”.