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Different Types of People you Will Meet at ATM. (Memes).



Atm is the acronym for ‘Automated Teller Machine’. It’s a machine use to make money transactions. People go to ATM to either withdraw or transfer money. With the inception of the machine, most people don’t go inside the bank anymore, unless when necessary. The ATM is usually installed outside the bank premises, although some banks installed them within the bank premises. The machine is patronize by most Nigerians. Personally, I hate going to the atm during festive seasons or towards ending of the month because of too much crowd. There are different types of people you will meet at the atm machine stand. Some are funny while others are annoying. 

Before you go any atm stand, learn to use the word ‘sorry’ before asking anyone a question. A friend of mine made a statement and I quote ” everybody in nigeria is angry by default, therefore before going to atm , learn to say sorry before asking a question”. For instance questions like : Is the atm machine paying? Are you the last person at the queue? Is the machine paying 500 naira? These questions always require one to say ‘sorry’. These might sound funny or awkward but it’s the reality at atm stand. I believe those of us that use atm have one or two funny experiences to share. 

I was scrolling through my social media handle and I came across these hilarious memes on different types of people you will meet at ATM. I hope these memes will make you laugh

These types of people are very annoying. I usually encounter them once in a while at ATM.

This is meme really cracked me up.

This meme really made me laugh. These types of people are not nice, when using the ATM.

These types of people are very impatient. They are always in haste to use the ATM.

Develop the habit of being nice to people at the ATM. I believe you can relate to one or two of these memes. Enjoy the view and laugh out your sorrows.

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