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Don’t read if you cannot control your laughter



I was expecting a female visitor that has been my crush for a very long time and had refuse to accept my proposal. She told me she love egusi soup so much so I prepared it for her and also added love portion I bought from a friend of mine to the soup. I forgot to cover the soup and went out to pick the girl from the bus stop. When I was out, I remembered that I forgot to cover the soup before coming out so I decided to call my brother on phone and tell him about it and what I added to it. When I called him, I told him about him and he replied, “is that why am missing you already?”

Now am now on the run for my brother because he is now in love with me.

I saw this friend of mine trying to gym, I asked him what was happening and he told me that he wants to be muscular. I laughed and told him that he should eat and have fat before gyming. He told me that he wants to gym like that and he has eaten so I asked him ” have u seen a muscular skeleton?” Now he is still chasing me with firewood threatening to break my skull if he catches me.

This man is willing to drag his motorcycle with these policemen just because of 20 naira. He vowed never to give them the 20 tithe the Nigerian police always collect from them at the checkpoint.

When you want to experience what swimming pool feels like and you never had a chance to see a swimming pool or come in contact with one, you can also make use of the mud pool as it gives great joy and entertainment.

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