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Former Housemate Doyin Warns Aspirants About the Mental Effects of BBNaija



Former Housemate Doyin Warns Aspirants About the Mental Effects of BBNaija

Former Big Brother Naija Participant Doyin David Raises Concerns About the Mental Toll of the Reality Show

Speaking on the Morning Brief Show, she revealed the significant impact the show has on the mental health of its participants, despite the financial benefits it offers.

David urged caution for individuals vulnerable in this aspect, emphasizing the importance of being mentally prepared and self-aware before entering such a demanding environment.

In her interview, David stated: “If I talk about finance, I can’t complain; it’s been good. The mental health part post-show, I keep saying it. If you’re not mentally grounded and you’re not sure about who you are and what type of person you are and you have issues with your mental health, I would not advise you to go on that show.”

During her interview, Doyin discussed the post-show challenges faced by housemates, particularly the intense scrutiny and criticism they encounter.

She highlighted the loss of privacy and the burden of public opinion on every aspect of their lives. Doyin cautioned that while the show can propel individuals to fame, it also exposes them to relentless judgment and interference in their personal affairs.

Doyin acknowledged both the positives and negatives of participating in Big Brother Naija but emphasized that the benefits outweigh the drawbacks.

“As much as it can make you, it can also break you because there’s a lot of criticism about your life and everyone has an opinion about what you wear, what you do, whom you date, what you say, things that regular people and nobody would care. Just know that once you come out of the show, you no longer have freedom of speech like that,” Doyin cautioned.

However, she stressed the necessity of mental resilience and self-assurance to navigate the complexities of post-show life.