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Guinness World Records Declares Afua Asantewaa’s Sing-a-Thon Unsuccessful



Guinness World Records Declares Afua Asantewaa's Sing-a-Thon Unsuccessful

After Ghanaians celebrated Afua Asantewaa for attempting the longest singing world record, Guinness World Records announced a heartbreaking development after their evidence check.

In a recent announcement, Guinness World Records officially declared Afua Asantewaa’s ambitious singing world record attempt as unsuccessful. The attempt, which involved a gruelling five-day singing marathon that commenced at midnight on Sunday, December 24 and concluded at 7:00 am on December 29, fell short of the required criteria for the longest singing marathon.

The official statement from Guinness World Records read, “Unfortunately Afua’s Guinness World Records attempt for the longest singing marathon was not successful, but we hope that she will make another attempt soon. We’ve seen how inspirational it has been for her fans. The evidence check had already begun before Afua requested priority service, so we refunded her payment earlier this month. We wish Afua the best of luck with any future record attempts.”

Despite her dedication and endurance throughout the marathon, Afua Asantewaa’s record attempt did not meet the stringent guidelines set by Guinness World Records. At the time of ending her attempt on Friday morning, she was believed to have sung for five days, six hours, and 55 minutes.

While this particular attempt may not have achieved the desired outcome, it is very uplifting that the Guinness World Record recognizes her talent and wishes to see her attempt the challenge again.