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I’ve stayed off sex for a long time – Mr Ibu



John Okafor, a Nollywood actor popularly known as Mr. Ibu, revealed that he has stayed off sex for at least four months because of his health.

Mr Ibu, who was poisoned last yearnoted that he needs to recuperate before engaging in any sexual activity.

“As of now, I have stayed off sex for at least four months. Remember that I was poisoned in December 2020, so I need to recuperate before engaging in such acts, Mr Ibu told Sunday Scoop.

“My wife is also missing me. It was not easy for her. She was crying every minute because she genuinely loves me.

Speaking further on his ailment, Mr. Ibu said:

“I have friends that have been financially supportive. I am sure they remember some good things that I have done for them in the past. I stopped working in 2018 but I saved some money when I was very active and that has helped me a great deal. Some fans were also helpful when I was poisoned. The treatment caused me a lot of money and it has really taken a toll on my finances.”

Mr Ibu also insisted that he does not cheat on his wife despite his celebrity status.

He said: “I don’t cheat on my wife. I had children before I married her. I left that life because many women wanted to have children for me but I cannot build a primary school in my house. They liked me because I was good in bed and I’m really grateful for that. I knew what they wanted so I was always very gentle with them. Women are attracted to me but I’m only interested in my wife. My wife is as beautiful as I met her, even after four children.”

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