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Laide Bakare Reveals Reasons Behind Her Aversion to Romantic Roles in Movies



Laide Bakare Reveals Reasons Behind Her Aversion to Romantic Roles in Movies

Laide Bakare, the actress, candidly discusses her reluctance to accept romantic roles that entail kissing and intimate physical contact.

Bakare, in a recent interview said kissing on set is quite a task for her, especially when the cast has to balance the script’s demands.

She said: “Portraying romantic roles, especially scenes involving kissing and touching, pose unique challenges for me. Navigating the authenticity required for such moments while maintaining professionalism can be intricate.

“Balancing the demands of the script with personal comfort adds complexity to these roles, requiring a nuanced approach to ensure a convincing, yet respectful performance.”

Speaking about her challenges, Laide said it has been difficult navigating relationships and finding true love, adding that many people are more focused on her job as an actress rather than her personality.

Laide Bakare’s journey in the Nigerian entertainment industry was through her father, who owned a hotel that hosted Nollywood actors. In 1999, she made her acting debut in a film titled; ‘Adeyemi’, which was produced by Muka Ray. Since then, she has acted in more than 50 films, including “Okun Omo Iya”, “Asiri Owo” and “Ore Meta”.

Her film Jejere won the 2012 Best of Nollywood Awards in the Best Constume Design category. She was also nominated for Most Outstanding Actress Indigenous Category at the 4th Africa Movie Academy Awards in 2008 for her role in the film Iranse Aje.