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Lawyer: Social media won’t determine fate of Baba Ijesha



Baba Ijesha arriving court for his arraignment

Bisi Oridate, one of the lawyers representing embattled Yoruba actor, James Omiyinka, popularly known as Baba Ijesa, has said that social media cannot decide whether the actor is innocent or guilty of the charges of child molestation preferred against him.

Oridate, who is the Head of Chambers of Babatunde Ogala and Co, made this known in an interview with The Punch, saying that only the court could decide the actor’s fate.

He said, “It is not in doubt that the case has gone viral on social media and certain facts about it were in the public domain.

“However, we would do what we have to do. We believe that the court is a temple of justice and would do what is right.

“The next step is for the prosecution to open their case. And, we would defend along with the proof of evidence we have,” he added.

Speaking on the mental state of Baba Ijesha, Oridate opined that the actor is doing fine despite going through a lot.

“I am not a psychologist and I have not evaluated him. For anybody who has gone through such situation would have some sort of psychological effect but I think he is doing very fine. He is in high spirits,” he said.

Oridate also stated that he harboured no fears that being associated with the case would have a negative impact on the legal team because of the public opinion against the actor.

He said, “We are lawyers. We took an oath to defend our clients to the best of our ability irrespective of what people think. I often say that if an armed robber is injured in a shootout with the police, a doctor would not refuse to take care of him if he is taken to the hospital, regardless of who he is perceived to be.

“The same thing applies to us as lawyers. We are not moved by sentiments. Even the court has warned parties in the case to desist from social media trial.

“The court also warned the media to report accurately, and not to sensationalise the case.”

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