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“Naira Marley Regains Lost Followers, Gains 100,000 After Controversial Incident”



"Naira Marley Regains Lost Followers, Gains 100,000 After Controversial Incident"

“Nigerian Musician Naira Marley Experiences Remarkable Social Media Comeback, Gaining 100,000 Followers After Previous Decline”

This resurgence, officially noticed on Tuesday, February 27, 2024, comes in the wake of a turbulent period marked by controversy and public criticism following the tragic death of fellow singer, Mohbad.

The passing of Mohbad triggered a series of events that led to widespread condemnation aimed at Naira Marley and his assistant, Sam Larry. Social media users expressed their grievances and accused the musician and his team of being involved in the unfortunate incident.

In the aftermath of Mohbad’s demise, a considerable portion of Naira Marley’s fan base disassociated themselves from him, leading to a substantial decrease in followers. The artist’s controversies were further compounded by the emergence of implicating videos, exacerbating the situation.

Additionally, several music outlets, including MTVBase and Soundcity, publicly announced their decision to sever ties with Naira Marley and his music.

However, despite the setbacks and criticisms, Naira Marley has managed to bounce back, reclaiming lost followers and witnessing a notable increase in his social media fanbase. This resurgence signifies a potential turnaround for the musician amidst the challenges and controversies he has faced.