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Ronke Ademiluyi brands Ooni’s Bentley with Adire



Ronke Ademiluyi brands Ooni’s Bentley with Adire

Prince Ronke Ademiluyi brands Ooni’s Bentley with Adire

Princess Ronke Ademiluyi, CEO of Adire Oodua Textile Hub has adopted a creative approach in her adire awareness campaign with a special branding of the Bentley of Ooni Adeyeye Enitan Ogunwusi, which has continued to turn heads in Ife and beyond.

Established in February 2021 under the Chairman of Ooni Ogunwusi, the textile hub has continued to be a blessing to humanity, particularly the Yoruba race in the areas of empowerment for women and youths of Ife and environs.

Described as a gold mine, Adire is one of the world’s famous indigenous clothes with an estimated market of over 30 million spread across the globe.

Prince Ronke Ademiluyi brands Ooni’s Bentley with Adire

The huge potential of the Adire market is the drive behind the establishment of the Oodua Textile Hub with the goals of lifting thousands of Ife youths and women out of poverty through modern adire training and techniques.
Interestingly, the Oodua Textile Hub under the leadership of Ademiluyi, has already hit the ground running with various programmes aimed at improving the social economic status of Ife youths and women.

Within four months of its grand opening, the hub has trained over 100 women for free in various Adire making techniques and skills. It has also introduced a transport allowance scheme for all its trainees. The impressive profile of the hub has also attracted some of Nigeria’s high-ranking officials to visit the magnificent Adire hub.

Prince Ronke Ademiluyi brands Ooni’s Bentley with Adire

Top on the list of high-profile visitors to Adire Oodua Textile Hub include the Nigerian Ambassador to Jamaica, Haiti, Belize and Dominican Republic, Dr. Maureen Piribonemi Tamuno, who has shown interest in exporting the famous Adire to the Caribbean. Following the trend in the list of endorsements for the Adire hub is Nigeria’s veteran filmmaker, Tunde Kelani who has endorsed adire for his movie productions. The list is endless.

The consensus is that the creation of Adire Oodua hub is a life-changing initiative that will transform the lives of ten of thousands of Ife youths and women, and a legacy that will outlive Ooni Ogunwusi who has changed the face of Ife since he ascended the throne of his forefathers.

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