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Tiwa Savage teases finding love again, sends note to future partner



Tiwa Savage teases finding love again, sends note to future partner

Renowned Nigerian songstress, Tiwa Savage, drops hints about the potential of discovering love once more.

This is according to a post on her Instagram story today, Wednesday, January 24, 2024, where she expressed her playful intentions towards her future husband.

The single mother of one, shared a throwback video on her Instagram story featuring Nollywood actor, Tobi Bakre and his wife, Anu Bakre, engaged in playful banter.

The celebrity couple garnered attention in November 2023 when they shared a video capturing one of their humorous exchanges at a fuel station on their respective social media platforms.

In the amusing video, Tobi Bakre portrayed himself as a fuel station attendant while his wife, Anu, humorously played the role of a flirtatious customer. Anu complimented Tobi, expressing interest and even offering her phone number. Tobi smoothly responded, showcasing his charm by detailing the various services he provides for interested customers.

found the video entertaining and shared it on her Instagram story, accompanied by a playful note directed at her prospective partner. “Future boo, get ready for these types of plays because I am a very unserious person,” she captioned the video.

The post has generated reactions on social media, with many expressing hope for Tiwa Savage’s happiness in a new relationship following her divorce from Teebillz, the father of her child.