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You can not control your laughter, if you open these 27 funny photos


Laughing is the best medicine to cure stress, sadness and sorrow.

Wow! What a kind of pressure is this? I visited a place with my motorcycle but I forgot it there and went home on my foot.

Just take a look on this funny photos and don’t forget to share with family and friends.


Meet the conversation between professor and Dan Fulani

Professor : I will be asking you a question if you don’t know the answer you will give me N5000, and you will also ask me a question, if I don’t know the answer I will give you N20000.

Dan Fulani : OK I agree with this agreement.

Dan Fulani: I don’t know the answer and gave N5000 to Professor.

Professor: Ask your question

Dan Fulani: Thank you (trying to leave the place)

Professor: So, what is the name of that animal?

Dan Fulani: Collect your N5000 because I don’t know the answer. Hhhhhh.

This Xavier guy isn’t a creature 😂😂

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