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Agbaje under fire for branding Sanwo-Olu’s achievement imaginary 



Former governorship candidate of the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, Jimi Agbaje is under fire for saying the achievements of Governor Sanwo-Olu of Lagos is imaginary.

Agbaje lost woefully to Sanwo-Olu in the 2019 governorship election, which was his worst performance so far in several contests to become governor of Lagos.

Agbaje who rated Sanwo-Olu’s performance three over 10, said: “What they wrote, they did not substantiate it. They were things done in their imagination.”

Regarding the fight against COVID-19 in the state, Agbaje believes the state government has not done enough to fight the scourge.

“You are not testing, you are not giving vaccination to people. Those that have collected the first round of the vaccination, they are yet to get the second round of it, and how many people have been vaccinated in Lagos?” He asked.

But several Nigerians have bashed Agbaje on twitter, saying that he only come out when he knew the next election is approaching in order to get some money and go back to his shell.

According to Adetubu Balogun, “As usual, 2 years before 2023 election, Jimi Agbaje is out of hibernation.”

Emeodi Mba said “Like Jimi Agbaje think say we don enter 2023. Baba be calming down oo, na just 2 years remain for you to show face and collect your regular allawi.”

Frank Marche stated: “Nobody should listen to Jimi Agbaje. He’s a pawn of Bourdillion.”

“Jimi agbaje is an APC insider in the PDP so he is out there to make it look like he wants to contest while all he need do is lose so that Tinubu can continue to protect his business. Don’t be deceived this man has never been an opposition because appearing after 4yrs can’t do it,” said End-Impunity.

Elvis Tunde added: “Jimi Agbaje came out early this time around. His timetable has changed.”

According to Ipema, “Jimi Agbaje has realized that nobody will take him seriously again in Lagos after his scripted performance with Sanwo-Olu during the 2019 election. The PDP better be looking for a stronger fighter else, they’ve lost the election even before it started.”

Abu Rahmah said “This one that Jimi Agbaje is trending, shey election have wantu happen ni?”

Scarlet the Viper added: “I can almost set my time around when Jimi Agbaje emerges from under his rock to fake contest the Lagos Guber election.”

As for Ahmad Ola, “If I contested in a election with Jimi Agbaje, no stress I have won already.”

Bukola of Canada wrote: “Jimi Agbaje should rest abeg. He only comes out during election season. I hope he’s not planning on running again. That being said, he’s right about Sanwo-Olu.”

Muniho asked: “Jimi Agbaje by this time? Did Supreme Court order a fresh Gubernatorial election in Lagos State?”

“Jimi Agbaje should just forget the Lagos Guber race. A serial loser with no change in tactics. He has the opportunity to voice our an opposition in 2020 but kept mute,” said Horllamidhey.

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