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Big blow for labour as 65 CSOs pull out of planned protest



Big blow for labour as 65 CSOs pull out of planned protest

65 Civil Society Organizations, under the Coalition of Civil Society Organizations Forum, Withdraw from Nationwide Labor Protest Planned for Tuesday and Wednesday

The Nigerian Labour  Congress had on  February 16  announced  that there would be a nationwide  action to protest the failure of government to ameliorate the sufferings of the people caused by the current economic downturn.

But the CSOs  said the protest could lead to anarchy. It rather called for dialogue with government. “Any attempt to embark on a nationwide strike during these critical period of hunger and harsh economy could be hijacked by hoodlums and criminal elements, who have been waiting for the slightest opportunity to unleash terror; disrupt public peace, loot business premises and markets,” the CSOs said in a statement.

The statement  jointly signed by Comrade Buba Ibrahim Mohammed and Comrade George Phillips, the Coordinator and Secretary, said:
“As Civil Society Organisations, we do understand the depth of economic challenges facing the ordinary citizens, especially the workers, but we cannot fold our arms and support a move that will further damage and threaten our peaceful coexistence”.

They further said: “Part of reasons we have refused to join forces with labour unions to create anarchy and cause more hardship for the people . Instead, we are making frantic efforts to meet with federal government to discuss how to amicably resolve the issues at stake.

“We recognise the importance of addressing labour-related concerns and advocating for workers’ rights, we kindly urge the labour unions to explore alternative means of dialogue and negotiation with the relevant authorities”.