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BIG STORY: Buhari leaves official house, moves to glass house ahead of Tinubu’s Inauguration



BIG STORY: Buhari leaves official house, moves to glass house ahead of Tinubu’s Inauguration

Ahead of the inauguration of the president-elect, Bola Tinubu, President Muhammadu Buhari has moved into the Glass House at the Presidential Villa, Abuja.  Continue Reading>>>

The iconic residence has served as a transitional abode for the outgoing president and their spouse during the handover period.

The Glass House has also traditionally played a crucial role in the transition of power, providing a symbolic and practical space for the outgoing president and their spouse. 

The First Lady, Aisha Buhari disclosed this in a video on her Instagram page after showing the incoming First Lady, Senator Remi Tinubu around the State House.

With only Aisha Buhari and her husband currently residing there, the outgoing first lady expressed her opinion that the house should maintain its longstanding practice of accommodating only the incumbent president and their spouse during the transition period.

During the tour, Aisha Buhari, introduced Senator Remi Tinubu to the various areas of the house, providing detailed explanations about its significance and history.

She said, “I have taken the incoming First Lady, Senator Remi Tinubu, around . She has seen the main house; we are now at the popular glass house. Glass house is a transitional home for the outgoing president.

“I’m advising that the Glass House should maintain its tradition of being a transition for the outgoing president. As I am talking to you now, I am residing here with my husband. Only two of us here, I think it should remain so as a norm of the institution and of the house.”

The experience left Senator Tinubu both impressed and humbled, acknowledging the overwhelming amount of information she received in such a short span of time.

While expressing her gratitude, Senator Remi Tinubu mentioned her belief in divine guidance to help her contribute meaningfully to the nation during her tenure. She expressed her eagerness to make a positive impact and build upon the legacy of her predecessors.

“I have gone around. She has magnanimously shown me around the house. And graciously explained a lot of things to me which is quite a short time and overwhelming for me to grasp. but I believe God will help me to be able to make an impactful contribution to the nation,” she said. Continue Reading>>>

As Nigeria prepares for the transition of power to the incoming president, the tour of the Glass House serves as a symbolic moment of unity and cooperation between the outgoing and incoming administrations. The hope is that the torch will be passed seamlessly, ensuring a smooth continuation of governance and the pursuit of national development.

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