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British-Nigerian Cosmetic Doctor, Oluwafemi ‘Tijion’ Esho, Acknowledges Engaging in ‘Improper Emotional Relationship’ with ‘Sex Worker’ in Exchange for Free Botox



British-Nigerian Cosmetic Doctor, Oluwafemi 'Tijion' Esho, Acknowledges Engaging in 'Improper Emotional Relationship' with 'Sex Worker' in Exchange for Free Botox

British-Nigerian Cosmetic Doctor, Oluwafemi ‘Tijion’ Esho, Confesses to Having an ‘Improper Emotional Relationship’ with the ‘Sex Worker’ in Exchange for Free Botox

He allegedly gave the patient botox treatment in exchange for sex and didn’t want to pay for her explicit OnlyFans services, a medical tribunal has heard.

Dr Tijion Esho, who has been featured on numerous television shows including ITV’s This Morning, BBC’s Morning Live and E4’s Body Fixers, is said to have enjoyed ‘free’ sex chat with the woman, which she would normally charge clients for.

The woman also shared explicit photos and videos of herself, which the 42-year-old would respond to with approving comments.

She had visited the dad of two about a designer lip procedure, which he provides at his clinics in London, Newcastle, and Dubai.

The tribunal heard how the woman – known as Patient A – had discussed doing a ‘skills swap’ with the doctor which involved her providing ‘booty’ and ‘t****’ in return for ‘mls’ – a reference to millilitres of filler treatment.

The woman said she came up with the plan after Dr Esho had mentioned doing a skills swap with another doctor.

However, she claims he exploited her during the course of their doctor-patient relationship and was reluctant to pay for her services.

Under cross-examination from Mario Lambis KC, counsel for the doctor, she admitted she had to ‘play along’ with the situation and ‘keep him sweet’ because he was helping her.

The woman said she ‘never envisaged’ the consequences of the doctor being a client of hers at the same time she was his patient.

But over time it ‘felt inappropriate’ as he was ‘sexually objectifying and exploiting my job with impunity because he knew what he did’, she said.

In one Instagram video of her in a bikini, Mr Lambis said, she had posted: ‘Shaking my booty for Esho piggy bank.’

Mr Lambis said the video showed that a skills swap was ‘firmly embedded’ in her mind by that point.

He pointed out that as a ‘businesswoman’ she could have told the doctor: ‘If you want something you have to pay for it.’

She responded by saying that there were ‘multiple instances’ when he had commented about her sex worker content online.

‘Given that I was a sex worker and he was engaging with me in that way he seemed to want to become a customer of mine,’ she said.

But the tribunal heard how she became ‘frustrated’ after ‘enticing’ him to sign up to her OnlyFans page by sharing a ‘nearly naked’ video and pornographic photos of herself.

She believed he was a ‘freeloader’ and had wanted to find out if he ‘wanted to be a fan’ or was just exploiting her.

He had the option to either freeload or ‘purchase one of her services’, she said.

She said that she did sometimes give clients free content for a limited time, but it had continued with Dr. Esho ‘because he was my doctor’.

While the doctor was ‘attracted’ to her, she added, she wasn’t attracted to him.

Nor was she interested in a relationship with him, it was ‘just work’ for her.

Dr Esho allegedly had sex with Patient A at one of his clinics in Newcastle before giving her free botox treatment and then told her he could ‘get away’ with giving her more in exchange for further sexual services, all charges which he denies.

And he denies six of the 10 charges against him in total.

But he admits that between July 2019 and February 2022, he behaved inappropriately by exchanging messages with the patient.

He also admits having an ‘improper emotional relationship’ with her between July 2019 and May 2022 and that his conduct in relation to both allegations was ‘sexually motivated’.

It’s alleged that he knew Patient A was ‘vulnerable’ due to her profession, which he also denies.